Your Massage

massage palm beach mobile your massageWhat To Expect: Sharon delivers your massage to you at your location and brings her portable massage table, professional massage linens, high-quality massage oil, optional essential oils for aromatherapy, and an ipod loaded with a variety of instrumental relaxation music. Alternately, you can book a massage with Sharon at her North Palm Beach location ~ by appointment only. For extra comfort, “The Body Cushion” (ideal for pregnant women and women with large breasts or breast implants) is available upon request! Also, if your weight is greater than 250 lbs., let me know so I can bring my sturdier portable table. Please note: Sharon prefers to handle all her own equipment without any assistance from her clients. This is to protect her equipment as well as to prevent injury to her clients.

Interview: Sharon will interview you before beginning your massage to determine your goals, focus, and expectations for your session. In addition, you will be asked about painful and/or tight areas of your body, injuries, surgeries, prostheses, and joint and disc problems. For you safety, please disclose all pertinent information about your health.

Preparation: You can best prepare for your massage by taking a warm shower and thoroughly cleansing your body from the neck down to the feet. The skin is an organ of elimination. Therefore, it is best to plan on showering again after your massage to rinse off the excess oil and remove any toxins that your body may excrete through your pores during your massage, as your massage will have a detoxifying effect on your entire body. It is best to plan on shampooing your hair after your massage, as Sharon can perform a superior neck routine if you are able to relax and let go instead of worrying about oil getting into the hair at the nape of your neck. Besides, you will be offered a scalp massage with a drop of essential oil of lemon at the beginning of your massage, which is uplifting and vitalizing to your senses and also shines and cleans the hair shaft, and you won’t want to miss that! However, if you ask Sharon to avoid getting any oil in your hair, your request will be accommodated.

Privacy: It is not necessary for you to change into a robe or towel prior to your massage. You will undress in complete privacy and lay face down on the massage table underneath the top sheet. You may disrobe to your comfort level for your massage (i.e., underwear is optional). Your private body areas will remain covered by the drape throughout your entire massage session.

Client Participation: One of the key elements to Sharon’s massages includes a modality known as “Passive Body Movement” (key word: PASSIVE), which involves range-of-motion tests and light stretching. Over the years, Sharon has learned that there are two types of massage recipients: Type A and Type B. Type A recipients are inclined to engage their therapist by either assisting or resisting during their session, especially with the Passive Body Movement. Depending upon the intent of the therapist, this may either enhance or detract from the bodyworker’s efforts. In the case of Passive Body Movement, clients should strive to be totally passive so that Sharon can accurately assess joint ROM (range of motion) and muscle tension. PBM is in part an assessment tool that lets Sharon know what areas of the body have restrictions that need to be addressed. Sharon may choose to combine PBM with an actual stretch. That said, Type B recipients focus on their breathing and completely release all of their muscles into Sharon’s hands, allowing her to do all of the work involved in achieving the goals of the session, except when otherwise requested. Sharon also incorporates other forms of stretching such as PNF Stretching or Active and/or Assisted Isolated Stretching (AIS/AAIS). Whenever Sharon performs such stretches, the client will be given verbal cues to follow when appropriate. It is always important to give Sharon feedback whenever any technique produces more than mild discomfort at any time during your massage therapy session.

Intent: The intention behind Sharon’s work is to promote relaxation and/or pain relief. By reducing the tension in your muscles, Sharon can help reduce a number of unwanted symptoms such as stress, tension, and spasm, as well as address a number of neurological issues including numbness, tingling, and radiating (referred) pain.

Ethics: Sharon Cedrone practices professional, ethical massage only (no sensual or erotic services; all clients must be draped).

Florida Law: For more information on Florida Law as it relates to the ethics of the massage therapy profession, please refer to RULE 64B7-26.010 “Sexual Activity Prohibited.”